Nema23 Mounting 425 oz.in. Dual Shaft Stepper Motor

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425 oz.in Motor Spec

Holding Torque 425 oz.in.
Rated Current 2.5A/phase
Phase Resistance 2.2 Ohms
Phase Inductance 8.0mH
Step Angle 1.8 degree (200 spr)
Motor Body Length 3.46 inches
Shaft width .25 inch
Front Shaft Length .78 inch
Back Shaft Length .59 inch
Wire lead Length ~12 inches
The steppers are wired as follows:

These 425 oz.in. motors will work with the Xylotex 3 and 4 axis stepper motor drives. You will be able to get more low-speed torque using these motors compared to the 269 oz.in. motors. However, these motors have a higher inductance. This means a limited top-end speed.

The 425's are more powerful than what a Sherline CNC machine requires, and are not recommended for use on a Sherline. The rated torque from these motors is twice that of the commonly suggested rating for a Taig CNC machine. You should probably stick with the 269's for a Taig type machine as well.

The 425's will be best suited for a machine using a lower TPI (thread per inch) than the Sherline or Taig (which use 20 TPI screws). Machines like small wood routers using 5 TPI ball screws can take advantage of the lower speed torque from these motors to push through more material than could be achieved with the standard 269 oz.in. motors. 10 TPI screws can be used with these motors. They will deliver good low speed torque, but not operate as fast as the 269's with 10 tpi.

3 Axis System Kit (HT)

4 Axis System Kit (HT)

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