Xylotex 3 Axis Drive Box with 425 oz.in. Stepper Motors and Cables

Xylotex 3 Axis Drive Box with 425 oz.in. Motors and Cables $410.00

+ $25.00 flat rate Shipping to USA Destinations.

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This setup is designed for small CNC router systems with around 10 tpi screws (~20 tpi should use the 269's). Read more about the motor specs HERE

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The Xylotex 3 axis drive box takes the componenets of the "3 axis system kit", mounts them in the box shown below, along with an extra cooling fan, Three 6-foot motor cables that feed out the back of the drive box to connect to the motors via Molex connectors. The cost of the complete drive box, with all cables (Motor cables, 120VAC Power cable, and the Parallel port extension cable) and the Three 425 oz.in. Double Shaft, Double Stack bipolar stepper motors (all plug & play ready-to-go) is $410.00.

You will need:

1) a PC running a CAM program like TurboCNC or Mach2. These programs take the output of CAD programs (G-code files) and generate the required STEP and DIR signals out the parallel port for the box to use. These programs are configuarable to allow proper setting of the STEP and DIR requirements

2) The Xylotex 3 axis drive box and motors. The box requires 120VAC, 60Hz . The box can optionally be factory set up to run off of 220VAC.

4) Your CNC Ready small router

Drive Box with Stepper Motors and Cables (completed cables not shown in motor photos)

Front of Economy Drive Box (4 axis box shown)

(3) Double Stack Double Shaft Motors Included

(molex connectors not shown)


3 Axis Economy Drive box Setup & 3 steppers wired and ready to go (All Plug & Play) = $410.00 (plus shipping)

Important software consideration:

The drive box requires the STEP pin on the DB25 connector to be aligned before the DIR pin, for example:

  • STEP X - Pin 2
  • DIR X - Pin 3
  • STEP Y - Pin 4
  • DIR Y - Pin 5
  • STEP Z - Pin 6
  • DIR Z - Pin 7

The STEP input must be an ACTIVE HIGH (+) signal. The DIR line must be stable 200nS (nanoseconds) BEFORE and AFTER the rising edge of the STEP line. The STEP signal should be high for a minimum of 2uS (microseconds).

The drive box plays NO role in home/limit/stop switches, or spindle/coolant output. To see a possible method of connecting switches to a drive board, look at the top of this PAGE..

Note: Although the drive has signal line filtering and buffering, some spindle motors can make excessive electrical "noise" (EMI - Electromagnetic Interference). This should be reduce at the source (the spindle).