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Xylotex 3 Axis drive


Dave Peels Machine

5 X 10 Plasma Table


Steel base with aluminum gantry.

Cutting envelope is X, 30 inches by Y, 22 inches and Z, 5 inches.

Cutting speed is 47 inches minute and 71 inches for rapids. Rolled ballscrews 0.2 pitch on X and Y and ground ballscrew on Z. Note the photo shows Acme thread on Y axis which I have changed since taking the photo.

Xylotex drive, transformer and 269 oz motors.

Rod Mell

Perth, Western Australia

M.Kamal Habbaba & K. Yorulmaz

a three axis motion control
system for positioning various sensors in a wind tunnel

Number of axises: 3
Software: Mach & EMC
Stepper motors: Ln 2400
Motion domain: 50cm X 50cm

CNC Router Milling Engraving Machine
Dave Gatton

The frame and gantry of the Sidewinder CNC machine is constructed of 14 ga (.075) Cold Rolled Steel. The Z-Axis Assembly is made from 1/2" HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). The table surface is made from 3/4 inch MDF so that it can be replaced inexpensively. The table surface has 5/16-18 threaded inserts in 30 clamp down holes. Precision Linear Bearings allow for smooth operation on all axis. Lead Screws are Acme Precision 3/8-10 lead screws with 2 starts for 5 turns per inch that provide excellent accuracy. Machine includes three 269 oz/in. Nema 23 Double Stack/Double Shaft Bipolar Stepper Motors on each axis. A 24 VDC/4.5amp Power Supply and Stepper Driver Board are enclosed in a rugged ventilated enclosure cooled by a 24 VDC Fan. The overall footprint of this machine is 40" x 27". with a height of approximately 22". The cutting area of this machine is 24" on the X-axis and 16.0" on the Y-axis.

Joel Wieinstock's Custom Cue Machine

This belt drive table has a cutting area of 27.5 x 64 inches, and rapids in excess of 300 inches per minute. It uses the Xylotex 269 system and cost around $600 to build.

Bill Meincer's plasma table run with Xylotex drive

Shane's mill based on David Steeles Plan

Tom's Machine

A video of Greggs machine running

Bill Hrudey

This machine can handle a volume of 15.5 x 19.5 x 3.75 on a T-slotted base. The frame is made of machined/welded 14 ga. square steel tubing and the other parts machined from various pieces of aluminum stock. The gantry moves on linear bearings over ¾ SS rod whilst the other axis are of ½ drill rod with bronze bearings. All lead screws are Acme ½ x10 tpi and the lead screw nuts are pairs of spring loaded nuts with virtually no backlash as determined by a dial indicator.
The stepper motors are 425 from Xylotex who also provided their 3 channel controller board and power supply. The service and support from Xylotex has been superb. Enco was an excellent source for rod, Acme lead screws/nuts and misc. aluminum stock. Directron was my source for the computer parts.
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