Xylotex products are warranted for 90 days from time of purchase. If you items falls withing this range, send the product back as described below. If it is over 90 days, the following charges apply. NOTE: Drives destroyed by customer mis-wires, shorts, powered motor dis-connects, overvoltages or overheating are NOT covered by the warranty, and replacement charges will apply.

Under NO circumstances send any item back without first contacting Xylotex: support@xylotex.com

There is a charge of $70.00 for each three axis drive replacement, and $80.00 for each four axis drive replacement. You must have the original Xylotex invoice, or a photocopy, or Paypal invoice information. This price includes return shipping to US destinations (international: an additional $10.00 to cover USPS Air Mail is required). Do NOT send the drive for replacement without also sending fees (or a copy of your paypal repair fee transaction). This offer is only available for Xylotex drive boards with invoice dates less than one year old. This replacement offer is only good for the original purchase. Funds paid through paypal should be sent to the paypal account: support@xylotex.com The payment type must "goods" so a shipping label can be produced from the paypal payment. The boards must not have been modified in any way (no soldering, drilling or any other modifications to the board). Modified boards are not eligible for the replacement policy. Drive Box repair is an extra $15.00 for USA orders. This is a one-time per customer offer. If you blow up the replacement board, it is not covered under the replacement policy. If you blow up multiple boards, only one is covered under the replacement warranty - do not "throw" additional boards at a problem system until you figure out what is wrong in the system. All boards are tested before shipment. So, be sure you know what is wrong with the system before installing a replacement drive .

Drives that have been drilled, cut, defaced, soldered or otherwise modified are not eligible for the above replacement policy.

If you purchased a "drive box" or a stepper motor drive setup that is/was not manufactured/distributed by Xylotex (but uses a Xylotex drive boards or products), you need to contact the person/company you purchased the drive box/setup from for repairs, DO NOT send the drive box/setup and/or drive board to Xylotex for repairs.

Send the drive, invoice copy, a description of the problem (important), and a TYPED return address to:

2696 Lavery Court #13
Newbury Park, CA 91320

payment can be with paypal to:
Please include a copy of your Paypal transaction along with the drive.
or for USA replacement, a personal check, money order, or cashiers check is also fine.

Send the drive wrapped in padding, within a cardboard box (USPS priority Mail box 1096L works well). Padded bags alone do not provide enough protection against shipping damage.

It is very important (if you do not know already) to find the cause of failure. The three most common causes of drive destruction are:

1) Overvoltage
2) Overcurrent
3) Overheating


35 VDC is the absoulte maximum the drive baord can handle without being permamnently damaged. It is the system integrators responsibility to ensure that the drive system is protected from overvoltages.

An overvoltage condition generally occurs when an energized motor connection breaks. This can be due to connector disconnect or broken wiring. Inspect the connection and wiring for this sort of symptom. Use good connectors that will not come loose during normal operation. Do not allow cabling to repeatedly bend back and forth such that is will cause the wires to break.

Another common overvoltage condition can be caused by static discharges. Static charges can be built up by vacuum systems that are not properly grounded. An unshielded, uninsulated flexible wire should run the length of the inside of the vacuum tube and be connected to earth ground. High voltages produced by Plasma cutting arc can also cause problems if the system is not properly grounded and sheilded. Walking across carpeting can also build static charge on the body which can discharge to the board and/or motor/signal cabling. Ground yourself before working with the drive system.

Plasma cutting system must make sure that generated high voltages are not allowed to get to either the system signal wiring (STEP and DIR lines), or to the drive board through the motor cabling.


An overcurrent can happen when motor wires are improperly wired up (cross connecting the phases) Double checking all the connetions for proper wiring can eliminate this cause. Shorts can also cause this. Common causes of this are poor connenctions that leave a small wire strand able to short across to either another phase wire or a connector shell. Finally small chips or metalic dust can land on the board causing a short(this is a frequent cause of failure). Keeping the board in a clean environment can help eliminate this cause.


Overheating can occur if a fan stops working or becomes clogged. If the drive is placed inside an enclosure proper airflow is very important. When using an enclosure consider using two fans: One to pull in cool air into the case, and another to blow directly over the heatsink. Make sure there are adequate venilation holes to allow warm air to exhaust. One fan circulating warm air inside an enclosure will be of little or no help. Overheating can occur if the drives have their Vref set past the maximum or if inadeqaute cooling is provided.