Xylotex x86 Processor Board



  • 1 GHz x586 Processor w/512MB Ram
  • PS2 Keybaord and Mouse Port
  • Stereo Audio In/Out Mic in
  • (2) USB 2.0 Ports
  • Ethernet
  • VGA
  • SDHC
  • 44-pin IDE
  • Runs Linux/DOS/Windows
  • $145.00

This Xylotex86 processor system is well suited for many embedded applications. It runs software such as Linux (i.e.Ubuntu and Puppy), DOS (i.e. FreeDOS) and Windows based software. Running FreeDOS from a USB Memory Stick, with a PS2 Keyboard and PS2 mouse and the Analog VGA, the drive setup uses ~ 3.85 Watts.

The system can boot from DVD through the USB port, the SDHC card (mounted on the bottom of the board, see photo above), through the 44-pin IDE port to a Compact Flash Disk, or through a USB 'thumb' drive.

The unit can be used for Kiosks, MP3 JukeBoxes, Industrial controls, and various other embedded system that require x86 compatability with low power consumption.

The Xylotex86 companion board holds the Xcore86 processor module. The companion board has mounting holes that will allow it to be placed in a Hammond 1598BSGY case (Digikey part#HM246-ND).

As the processor is a x586, it will not handle some of the newer x686 type commands that are required for software such as the Android Operating System (Androidx86.org). While the processor does have a GPU it is not well suited for streaming video (YouTube), but is fine for average web surfing.

Contact: support@xylotex.com for more information