All price quotes are valid for 30 days from the date the quote is issued.

At this time, Xylotex electronics are NOT ROHS compliant or CE certified.

Quantity Discounts

4 Axis Drive Box
First drive box set $600.00 Any quantity, $525.00 each.
Second $575.00
Third $550.00
Fourth (and more) $525.00 each.
Thus if you order four boxes, it is $600.00 + $575.00 + $550.00 + $525.00
The above prices do not include shipping or any applicable taxes

3 Axis Drive Board
qty. 1 $155.00 ea. <- (includes IDC26-DB25 cable [regular retail])
qty. 3 $145.00 ea.
qty. 5 $135.00 ea.
qty. 20 $125.00 ea.
qty. 50 $115.00 ea.

4 Axis Drive Board
qty. 1 $185.00 ea. <- (includes IDC26-DB25 cable [regular retail])
qty. 3 $175.00 ea.
qty. 5 $165.00 ea.
qty. 20 $160.00 ea.
qty. 50 $155.00 ea.
qty. 100 $150.00 ea.

The IDC26-DB25 cable is available for $5.00 ea. (no qty. discount).
Discount versions (qty. 3+) do not come with the IDC26-DB25 cable.

3 Axis System Kit Qty. 3 Pricing: $325.00 Qty. 5 Pricing: $320.00 Qty. 10 Pricing: $310.00 (cash pricing)

The discount prices listed (for 5+ drive boards) above reflect a cash discount payment and are for cash payment (company check/money order/cashiers check). Payments via Paypal or Credit Cards are 3% higher.Free Shipping on "system kits" applies to single quantity, non discounted prices.

All discount drive board sales are intended to be used in complete motion control systems, not sold retail.

The drive board must be properly enclosed in a drive system to keep end users from gaining access to the board.

The drive system must be designed to ensure proper cooling of the drive chips.

The drive system must be designed so that the possibility of end user insertion or removal of 'live' motors is minimized.

All drives shipped from Xylotex are tested. Failures due to improper wiring or cooling techiniques are not covered by warranty.

Small quantity 24VDC/5.0A Power supply "kits"(cabling included) (120VAC or 220VAC). Please e-mail regarding these.

Individual Power Supplies(24VDC/5.0A) (no cabling) :qty. 10+ $ 35.00, qty 25+ $ 32.00

269 oz.in. Stepper Motors: qty. 10+ $40.00 ea., qty 25+ $35.00 ea.

24VDC Fan w/2-pos Molex connector 10+ $7.00 ea.

Shipping rates vary on destination.

California State businesses should fill out a California Resale Certificate found on page 6 of the PDF document:


and send it to:

2626 Lavery Court #307
Newbury Park, CA 91320

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail: support@xylotex.com