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Example Home/Limit switch connection using NC switches (series, i.e. X+ and X- travel)

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Some Debugging hints

Some stepper motor definitions

What do I need to make a CNC System (

4 axis DATASHEET :


A simple stepper test program (source in Turbo C - WIN98 or lower)

A simple stepper test program (the exe for above)

6-wire & 8-wire windings example (

Xylotex 425 8 wire motor PDF

Xylotex 425 4 wire motor PDF

How to set up the Jumpers for FULL, HALF, QUARTER and 1/8th Step

Pacific Scientific Datasheet

Pacific Scientific Installation Bulletin

Linear Supply Example

New 3 Axis Layout

New 4 Axis Layout

New 1 Axis Layout

BTW: Xylotex, It's pronounced zi (Z sound like buzz, long I as in hi), lo (as in low), tex (as in Texas), That's right: Xylotex

What the ends of a parallel port extension cable will look like. Make sure all pins are wired through.